Increased Highway Patrols to Curb Road Accidents..... President Buhari

President Buhari reacted to the devastating road accident that claimed the lives of over 20 people on the Lokoja-Abuja expressway yesterday.

He sympathized with the family of the victims of the accident and called for increased highway patrols to curb road traffic accidents.

I agree with him but i think that there’s more to this than just increasing high way patrols.

I believe that bad roads are also a major cause of road accidents in Nigeria and more attention should be given to it.

Drunk driving is also major cause of road accidents in Nigeria. Drinking tests should now be carried out by the high way patrols the government plans on placing on roads.

I don’t think any visible change can be seem in the amount of road accidents in Nigeria until all these have been properly effected.
What else do you think the government can put in place to curb the rising rate of road accidents in Nigeria.