Igbos in Northern Nigeria Liaise with Northern Leaders to Condemn the Separation of Nigeria

Following the demand by northern youths for Igbo residing in the north to leave for their native land before the 1st of October, the Igbo Delegate Assembly (Igbo leaders from19 northern states and FCT) met with the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai.

The meeting which was held at the Government house in Abuja on Tuesday, was to thank the Governors, and as well as the Federal and State Government of Kaduna for helping out with the situation presented to them by the northern youths.

The Igbo Delegate Assembly from these 19 states also oppose the separation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria but also urged a peaceful separation of the lost Biafra country.

It is a relief to know that Northern Leaders and Northern Igbos are working hand in hand and they are not against each other. And to also know that what happened between 1967-1970 won’t have to repeat itself.

Do you also agree with the Northern Igbos?

In the bid to avert bloodshed, does this seem like a sensible decision to you or do you think that, by standing on their own and condemning the separation of Nigeria, they have betrayed the rest of the Igbos?