Igbos and Their Clamour for Presidency Or Biafra

It turns out that Igbos are clamouring for the presidency seat come 2023 and if not, they will throw their full weight behind Nnamdi Kanu in the rise of Biafra.

This propelled the warning given by a public analyst, Mr Chinedu Nwobodo against the option of Biafra if the presidential seat of Igbo extraction fails.

He admonished Nigerians that even if an Igbo man is elected president, his major purpose should be to restructure and reform Nigeria not just to be president because of the Igbo desire to be President come 2023.

Is it feasible that an Igbo will be elected president come 2023? If not, do you think this could lead to the rise of Biafra?

Let me know your thoughts.