Hushpuppi's Arrest: Do We Know What Businesses Our Big Businessmen Are Into?

It is no longer news that the Nigerian social media “celebrity” Ramon Olurunwa Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai a few weeks ago by the Dubai police on allegation of fraud involving huge money (over $100 million, I hear). You can read the story on Guardian

And you can watch the video of his arrest here

After reading the stories and watching the video, it occurred to me that we really do not know what businesses some of our big men that claim to be businessmen own. We know the businesses (and the company names) Dangote, Atiku, and a few others own. What about a multitude of others? Property merchant, importer/exporter are not business names!

Perhaps you can help with the businesses these (I won’t mention names) own?