How Mosques Became Public Toilets in the Xinjiang Province, China

It has been reported that the Chinese government is supposedly hurting the sentiment of Uyghur muslims as a public toilet was built on the site of a demolished mosque. Having a public toilet where you can wash your hands to preventing the corona virus seems to be good right?

The question here is why does a religious center have to be destroyed to create this?

Apparently, this is not the first time that the former site of a mosque has been turned into something other than a religious center.
In 2019, a mosque in the xinjiang province was razed to the ground and transformed into a convenience store which sells alcohol and cigarettes.

Several reports have also surfaced on how the Chinese government wants to destroy muslim religious centers and cemeteries all over Xinjiang.

Well, not only the muslims are affected in this religious battle, Christians and churches were also asked to take down their religious cross and the images of Jesus and to be replaced with the images of Chinese communist leaders.

The use of force was also accounted for in some provinces as the Chinese authorities went into churches and destroyed their religious symbols.

The government and the muslim organization has been called on to take an action against the Chinese government as their actions can be categorized as a war on Islam.

If the actions of the Chinese government can be categorized as a war on Islam, well, I can’t say I disagree. As a basic human right, you have a right to religion, this means you can choose a faith or religion of your choice. I believe that destroying a religious place of worship without a tangible reason and replacing it with “not so important stuff” is an infringement of this right.
If you have a different opinion, feel free to share.