Hoodlums Kill Woman on her Way Back From Night Vigil, Calls Parents to Inform Them With Her Phone

A 41 year old woman, Oluwakemi Odugbesa has fallen victim to hoodlums while coming back from a church vigil around 6:00am in Oduntan, Lagos state. She was robbed of her phone and bag and was stabbed multiple times in the stomach and chest and was eventually pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital.

Not just this, the hoodlums responsible for her death also placed a call to her mother to inform her of the predicament that has befallen Mrs. Oluwakemi Odugbesa.
Reports also showed that the victim and her husband were few weeks away from relocating to Canada. She is survived by her Husband, parents and three children.

Here are the questions that needs to be asked:

  1. After robbing her of her belongings, why stab her? Was this because she fought back? Can we fight back when people try to rob us?
  2. What advice can you pass along to people on what to do to avoid getting harmed while being robbed?
  3. Why do you think the people responsible for her death called her mom to inform her? Could it be out of spite? or out of guilt?

What is your reaction to this?