Hisbah Police Arrests Teenagers Over Immoral Practices In Kano State

The Hisbah Police are in charge of enjoining what is right or wrong for every muslim. And although not very popular until recent times, the Hisbah Police have been functioning in Nigeria for as far back as 2003.

The Hisbah Corps do not exactly have the right to arrest or detain anyone caught in violation of Islamic laws and practices and they armed with non-lethal weapons like batons.
They can only bring the violators to the attention of the Police, but trust Nigerians to violate and abuse any little form of power awarded to them.

The Hisbah Corps now arrest, detain, carry out searches and even destroy items that they believe are against their believes.

We have heard different stories about how they carry out and enforce Islamic laws with somewhat strict punishment to those caught in acts that are against Islam.

The Hisbah Corps once destroyed tons of beer cans that were meant to be sold for consumption in Kaduna due to the fact that drinking is against their faith. They also banned a lot of other practices and mode of dressing in Kebbi State.

Recently, The kano State Hisbah Corps arrested a total of 53 teenagers for what they considered as ‘immoral acts’.

The arrested teenagers were said to be between the age of 17 to 19 and they will be charged to the Sharia Court of Law which is known for its extreme punishment awarded to offenders.

What awaits these teenagers? A death sentence? Or life imprisonment?

Do you stay in the North? What more do you know about the Hisbah Police?
Can their practices be considered as extreme or it is very much accepted by the Northerners?