Hisbah Arrests 8 Muslims for Eating During Ramadan Fast

It’s no news that the Ramadan fast is in session and will continue till the 12th of May. This is a period when Muslims all over the world go into a spiritual reflection and fast that begins at dawn and ends at sunset.

Of course, everyone is entitled to religious freedom on paper and religious obligations are meant to be personal, but we know better. In Nigeria, we have the hisbah police in northern states like Kano and Kaduna. These corps are not capable of issuing an arrest, but they do.

They are in charge of providing accountability for Islamic laws and currently, there are reports that the Kano state hisbah police arrested 8 people, 5 women and 3 men for not observing the fast and eating openly in the daylight.

Well, the women complained that they were on their menstrual periods which automatically prevents them from partaking in the fast while, there were no reports on the what excuse the men offered.

But shouldn’t this issue be between these people and their God?
Now that they have been arrested, what form of punishment do you think will be awarded to them?

What is your reaction to this?