Hausa/Fulani Chiefdoms in Southern Kaduna?

It’s no news that the southern part of Kaduna which has been majorly occupied by Christians has being a terror zone as people are being killed and displaced everyday by the boko haram insurgents.

Well, the Hausa/Fulani community has debunked the news that only the people being killed are majorly the Christians in that area and they believe that the Christians in that area are trying to get rid of the muslims in order to dominate southern Kaduna.

They also added that they want the perpetrators of the killing to be caught and brought to justice.

It was said that muslims make up to 40% of southern Kaduna while the christians have the rest of the 60% and therefore because the Hausa/Fulani were the founders of the territory and were called settlers, the Kaduna State House of Assembly should pass a law that will prohibit them from being called settlers and to create chiefdoms for the Hausa/Fulani settlements.

Well, this seems to be another perspective of what we know about the southern Kaduna insecurity.

Do you think creating chiefdoms or getting a law to prohibit people from calling them settlers can put a stop to the insurgency? That is even assuming being called “settlers” is the cause of the issue.

Shouldn’t getting a permanent solution (whatever that may be) to the insurgency in Kaduna be the top priority now?

I don’t know if the state and federal governments are doing enough to curb the killings (though the FG mobilized special forces to the area recently), what else can they do? Is there a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed first?

Finally, do you think the perpetrators of the terror in Southern Kaduna, and even elsewhere (like Katsina State) will ever be caught and brought to justice?