Governors Cannot Decide the Fate of Igbos When it Comes to Biafra.... Nnamdi Kanu

In reaction to the five South-East Governors who disowned Biafra and stated that the IPOB are not speaking for the all Igbos, Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra called these Governors hypocrites and stressed that they can’t decide the fate of the Igbos.

This is also not the first time some Igbos segmented themselves from the ones agitating for Biafra.
Does this mean that there is some sort of division between Igbos and that not all of them are in support of the creation of Biafra or are the South-east Governors too scared to announce their believe in a new republic?

Remember that Igbos in the north also liaised with northern leaders in condemning the division of Nigeria just to promote peace and ensure that their lives and properties were not targeted by northern youths.

Do you also believe in Biafra? Does the Republic of Biafra seem achievable?