Governors Announce August 10 as School Resumption Date

Some Nigerian Governors have decided to reopen their schools on the 10th of august.

The Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello has mandated the resumption of schools in his state to reopen on the 10th of August.

Although, Yahaya Bello claims that there are no cases of the virus in Kogi State, it is of a wonder why schools weren’t reopened sooner than this even when religious and other social activities were ongoing.

The Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu has also declared that schools in his state will be reopened on the 10th of this month as opposed the 4th of August which was declared by the Federal Government.

He stated that the reopening of the schools is to enable the exit classes in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions to write the important/compulsory examinations meant for their classes.

As Nigerians, we know how our government and its schools operate, with the conditions given for the reopening of schools, do you think that state and government schools will adhere to the compulsory preventive measures for the virus even if we give the private schools a benefit of doubt?

What do you think the government is planning for the remaining classes as the exit classes can now write their exams?

Do you think the month of September will be the time for resumption for them as they can begin a new session?

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