Gombe's Central Bank Of Nigeria Office On Fire

Early on Friday morning around 10am, a fire broke out in a branch of the central bank of Nigeria in Gombe.

This fire outbreak adds to the series of various fire outbreaks that has ravaged various parts of Nigeria this year alone.

For example, there have been fire incidents at a market in Oyo and at an internally-displaced-persons (IDPs) camp in Borno and also at Oba’s market in Benin.

Some government institutions were also affected by a fire outbreak, like the treasury house fire on April 8, fire at the INEC headquarters on APRIL 17 and lots more.

The rate of fire outbreaks in Nigeria is alarming and calls for serious attention. What can be done to prevent a fire outbreak?

Are the Nigerian fire service good enough to control a fire outbreak? Do they have all the necessary equipment to use when called to the rescue?

As for the government institutions that were razed, did these happen because of an electrical malfunction or were they internationally razed so as to destroy evidence that can expose the secrets of government officials?