Gabon’s First Appointed Female Prime Minister, Rose Ossaouka Raponda

The President of Gabon Ali Bongo appointed the first female prime minister in Gabon. This appointment took place on 16th July 2020 when he promoted his defense minister to the prime minister.

This adds to the few women who have managed to be the first of various fields of endeavors in the world. This is also not her first appointment as the first woman to hold a office, she was also the first woman to be elected as the mayor of capital Libreville in 2014.

It is not every day we hear of how women lead or hold certain important offices in the Africa, this is indeed a huge leap for Gabon as it appoints a woman as its prime minister despite the controversial and sexist belief that a woman shouldn’t lead, what do you think about this?

Do you think Africa is beginning to conform to a more social and sexually balanced continent where men and women can now compete and attain any role without being subjugated because of your gender?

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