From N150 Petrol price to N161.56, the Prices of Everything in Nigeria Keeps on Soaring

Nigerians have taken to the streets of Twitter to lament over the increase in petrol price as the price of petrol has once again received an increase.

Not just petrol, the price of a bag of rice has doubled over since the start of the pandemic. A lot of people have lost their jobs and can’t afford 3 square meals, dairy products are now expensive and the Nigerian Government now has to import maize to manage the situation.

This has brought a lot of hardship to Nigerians and lot of Nigerians believe that they are suffering under the leadership of President Buhari as there have been increase in petrol, taxes, stamp duty and even electricity tariff.

Some Nigerians also believe that they should have voted for Atiku while others are hoping for a better governance and administration come 2023.

As a Nigerian, what form of hardship have you faced in 2020? Is the Nigerian Government responsible for all these or did the Covid-19 cause it all?