Former Governor Ajimobi’s Resting Place…… Well Deserved or Not?

Reactions have sprung up on the streets of twitter after a footage of the final resting place of the Oyo State former governor, Abiola Ajimobi was released via social media.

The video entails how well adorned and beautiful his final resting place was made. And trust Nigerians, it didn’t take them time to compare how he was placed in the ground to how his grave was adorned.

According to Islam, once a person leaves to the great beyond, the body is washed and draped in a white linen and then taken to his grave in a mat which will be removed as the body is lowered into the ground.

So, this was how Ajimobi was buried but his grave site depicts luxury. Well, a midst all the several reactions of other people, having a luxurious grave site solely depends on the family of the deceased but it almost doesn’t matter because there’s nothing he can do with all these luxury.

So, what do you think? Is his resting place well deserved or not?