Federal Government Shockingly Now Charges Companies N100,000 for Adverts Produced Abroad

Is it ok to conclude that Nigeria is sucking people dry?

How does adverting a Nigerian company in a foreign country affect the Nigerian Government or Economy per say that they have to charge them for the act?

Not just small charge oh, 100,000 naira per each advert run abroad or on international platforms. It means that if you run 10 adverts per day on the national tv in Nairobi, you will pay a million naira for a Content Development Fund as declared by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed.
This new development doesn’t make a lot of sense and was probably just created to extort blooming businesses in Nigeria.

If the Nigerian Government is so concerned about what kind of services Nigerians run oversees, why not charge politicians who leave Nigeria where they refused to provide proper health care and travel abroad to use that of another country where they have fully invested and developed a standard healthcare system?

What is your reaction to this?