Federal Government Might Resume the Use Of Toll Gates..... Babatunde Fashola

While answering questions on the rate at which work is done on road construction by the Federal Government, the Federal Minister of Works and Transportation, Babatunde Fashola, stated that the use of toll gates will be re-introduced.

He blamed this decision on the government’s inability to pay contractors who are currently working on federal roads and are owed about N336billion Naira.

He stressed that funds gotten from the toll gates will help to pay the contractors and also get more work done on the roads.

Nigerians haven’t paid toll fee since the time of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who ruled out the fee payment. Now Nigerians might have to go back to it.
This only proves that when you think Nigeria is finally progressing, the government will do something to shock you.


This prompts me to ask, what happened to all the money assigned to roads and internal works from the 2020 budget that people who also pay taxes, now have to pay toll fee in order to access the roads that they have every right to?

What happened to all of Abacha’s loot that the government claimed will be allocated to road constructions?