Federal Government Dares Bishop Oyedepo To Create His Own Country

Recently, a new law was created under the Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) by the Nigerian Government, and has the inclusion of religion centers and charity organization in which by order, trustees of a church, any religious body or organization can be suspended and replaced by an interim manager or managers to coordinate the affairs of the organization if there has been any mismanagement, misconduct or fraudulent or laundering of money.

Well, this didn’t go down well with the Bishop of the world wide church as he believes that this law was created out of the jealousy of the church’s growth.

During his sermon on a Sunday service, he claimed that the government has no power to appoint people over churches and that anyone taking part of this deal is taking poison, which are amongst other things he said during the course of the sermon.

A lot of reactions have been generated on the internet as regards this. Some people are in support of what he said, while some believe that he must abide by the laws of Nigeria as long as he lives and operates within Nigeria.

The Presidential Aide also provided him with the option of creating his own country if he cannot abide by the laws of Nigeria.

I believe that the Nigerian Government is beginning to gradually gain control of every organization in the country which can be very dangerous, as it is slowly eradicating democracy and might accommodate dictatorship. Perhaps, you have a contrary view?

Have you read the 604 pages of the CAMA 2020 act?