Federal Government Creates 774,000 Jobs For Youths

A 20-member committee has been appointed by the Federal Government to undertake and supervise the recruitment for 20,000 youths in Lagos state. The 20-member committee included both government officials and former government officials to undertake this task.

The 20-member committee that is headed by the minister of labour and employment, Mr Festus Keyamu (SAN) and Kayode Elesin as the vice-chairman also set up a 20-member committee in all the states of the federation including the FCT.

Each of these 20-member committee will select 1000 persons from the 774 local governments we have in Nigeria. The Federal Government also asserted that all interested youths are allowed to apply irrespective of their political affiliation.

This special program was created to employ youths for the duration of three months. The employed youths will engage in unskilled jobs such as clearing drainages, sweeping streets, controlling traffic, road construction and other menial jobs. The youths will be paid 20,000 per month for the duration of this program.

In as much as I applaud this initiative which will surely reduce unemployment, there are some things that still don’t make sense.

  1. How sustainable is this program? After the initial 3 months, what happens?

  2. Does it mean the jobs these youths are being employed to do are one-off jobs that will be completed in 3 months?

  3. Don’t drainages and streets need to be cleared and swept regularly and frequently? Why then fix the duration for 3 months?

  4. Perhaps it is a metrics thing…maybe within the next 3 months, unemployment rate (average unemployment rate) will be calculated and with this huge number of people being counted as employed, it will give the impression that unemployment rate has seriously dropped in Nigeria. Or is there something they are not telling us?

  5. Won’t the money that will be paid the committees members across the 36 states and the FCT be close to (or more than) the money that the youths would be paid for that 3 months?