Federal Government Claims that Nigeria is now the Largest Rice Producer

I can’t believe this!

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sabo Nanono claimed that Nigeria is the largest producer of rice in Africa during an event to celebrate the 2020 World Food Day in Abuja.

Well, i don’t believe this, although Nigeria has started producing its own rice. I don’t think that cutting down on importation of rice into the country and also encouraging and financing the growth of rice in the country automatically makes Nigeria the largest producer of rice in Africa.

Rice is still very much expensive in Nigeria which isn’t suppose to be if Nigeria produces more rice than any other country in Africa. At the same time, i feel like i shouldn’t be surprised because it is also the same issue for petrol in Nigeria.

We produce petrol as a country and sell to other countries, but petrol is expensive in our country.

So, you do also believe that we produce the most rice in Africa? if yes, kindly pen down your reasons in the comment section.