Farmers Now Pay Millions To Avoid Attacks In Northern Nigeria

It’s no news that Nigeria’s highest home of insecurity resides in the North as Bandits, Kidnappers, fulani heardsmen, and terrorists mostly conduct their operations there.

One of the major victims of these attacks in the north are farmers. This is because they are a bit away from civilization as they tend to their farms, so they are susceptible to attacks as they are kidnapped, killed and even prevented from harvesting their crops.

This vile act against farmers in the north has been going on for a while but nothing effective has been done from the government to put an end to this.

So, in order to have access to their farmlands and to harvest their crops, farmers now have to pay N800,000 as tax and N900,000 as harvest fee to avoid being killed or kidnapped while on the farm.

I wonder what the Government is doing about this.

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