Facebook to Open its Second Office in the African Continent in Lagos, Nigeria

Facebook claimed that after seeing immense talent in the tech ecosystem, and in order to support the sub-saharan African Region, it will open its second African Office in Lagos Nigeria.

Of course, this will come with a lot of opportunities come 2021 when the facebook office is opened as they will be in need of various teams which will include Sales, Partnerships, Policy, Communications as well as Engineers who all will work hand in hand to help service the continent.

I believe that Facebook putting its trust in Nigeria and opening an office here will help to improve the image of Nigeria as a lot of brands and foreign countries have tagged Nigeria as a nation filled with corrupt people and are thereby cutting ties with Nigerians and even the Nation at large.

Take the United Arab Emirates for example. A lot of Nigerians over there are beginning to receive bad treatment and even denied of visa renewal, work permits and so on just because of the bad image Nigeria has gained from its outrageous fraudulent activities.

So, how else do you think the opening of a facebook office will benefit Nigeria?