EU Bans Nigerians, Americans from Entering Europe

According to Punch, the European Union (EU) has banned Nigerians, Americans, and travelers from at least 50 other countries from entering the EU when the EU borders open on July 1 to contain the spread of the COVID-19. Key countries also banned for now include Brazil, Russia and Qatar.

The ban is expected to be reviewed after the COVID-19 situation in those countries improve.

Only travelers from 54 countries are cleared to come into UK. Some of the countries are China, Angola, Egypt, Indonesia and India.

What is surprising is that countries like India (17,00 daily cases and 398 daily deaths) and Indonesia (1,160 daily cases and 41 daily deaths) that have higher cases of the disease are not banned but Nigeria with a relatively smaller number (less than 700 daily cases and 7 daily deaths) is banned. Note that the numbers quoted above are 7-day moving average numbers. Compare the charts below (take note of the scales)


India & Indonesia:

What could be responsible for our inclusion in the ban list? Could be because we are a developing nation (third world)? Is India not a 3rd world country too?

Could it that the EU does not believe the numbers we are reporting especially with our testing rate not up to 5,000 samples per day?