#EndSars# Protesters Receives International Support

The CEO of twitter, Jack Dorsey is showing support by urging people to donate towards the #EndSars# protest that is ongoing in Nigeria.

Jack Dorsey proposed the donation of bitcoins which is a cryptocurrency that is untraceable as a means of funding the protest will help to finance the needs of the youths on the streets of Nigeria.

I believe that this will really go a long way in funding the protest as it will provide food, medical supplies, posting bails and lawyer fees for those who are detained during the course of the protest.

This act of the part of the Twitter God shows that Nigerian youths are not alone as they speak up and fight against oppression in the country. More recognition and assistance keep on coming to assist the Nigerian youths in their fight for justice.

What is your take on this? Do you think more international aid will come? What are your expectations for change on the part of the Nigerian Government or do you think the protest is just a waste of time?