Emerging Technologies for Telesurgery the Future of Medical Surgery.... Video

Indeed, the future of medical surgery is here!

The use of computer-aided systems such as robotics and image-guided surgery are the next generation of surgical systems as they are more sophisticated and will permit surgeons to perform surgical procedures beyond the current limitations of human performance.

Telesurgery or remote surgery will now be a thing in the medical world. Doctors or tele-surgeons through this developed technology can operate on patients even if they are not available at the location. This method might not only beat human performance, it will also reduce the amount of surgical errors.

Technology has always been the solution to making the things we do come more comfortable and better, so the introduction of this new generational technology into medicine will be to make it better and easier to make lives, but what if this new method comes with more side effects than we know right now?

Would you opt for this new method or stick with the normal method that has always been used?

What is your reaction to this?