EFCC Arrests Rochas Okorocha in Relation N9.7billion Missing State Funds

I think you will agree with me if I conclude that Nigeria hardly makes an example of it’s corrupt politicians. Take a look at Daniel Pondei the fainting professor, despite the allegations and evidence against him, he still walks free. This little or no punishment given after looting millions and billions of National treasure and state funds have lead to the rise of corruption of the part of the leaders that are meant to provide and protect the people under them.

Same is now the case for Rochas Okorocha, whom has been linked to a loot of N9.7billion sitting pretty in several bank accounts. He was invited by the EFCC for questioning, but his refusal to attend to this earned him an arrest as they barged into his private office on Thursday, 13th April 2021 and whisked him away.

We are yet to get more updates on the Ex-Imo State Governor, but one can be certain that the EFCC will run their normal show of opening probing him and then neglect the case or acquitting him of all charges.

What is your reaction to this? Do you have a different opinion as to how the EFCC will handle this case? If so, make it known in the comment section.