Don't Expect January Salary Soon, Our Computer Has Broken Down... Cross River's Government

This is absolutely ludicrous, telling the civil servants of your state not to expect their January salaries anytime soon because the computer system used in carrying out this operation broke down.

This is unacceptable. After working an entire month and your pay gets delayed because something broke down. What happened to having a backup? I must say, this is not a nice way to usher the cross rivers state civil servants into a new year, but what can they really do about it?

Although, the Governor of the state, Prof Ben Ayade who made this known pleaded with the workers to exercise patience, I still don’t think the excuse given is good enough.

Is it possible that the money meant for the worker’s salaries have been diverted to something else? It won’t be surprising though, these are Nigerian Politicians we have in question here.

Well, what do you think about this?