Does Going Nude Promote Body Positivity?

There have been an uproar on the bird app about Bella shmurda a Nigerian musician, using nude women in his recent music video. The musician’s fans have been thorn between regarding this as immorality or seeing it as an awareness for body positivity.

It is no news that quite a number of people are not comfortable with their looks, the shape of their body and so on. Especially women. Most women have issues with the shape of their body, breasts, stretch marks, stomach and so on, but I’m not sure how going nude and leaving your breast bare teaches you to love your body, but quite a number of people believe this.

So, which category do you fall in? Do you believe that the intentions behind the use of nude women in his music video was to promote body positivity?

If you believe it does, how exactly does it promote body positivity?