Does Black Magic (Juju) Actually Work?

So there is this video on twitter of a Nigerian abroad supposedly giving his herbalist in Nigeria some instructions. The discussion is in yoruba, but some interpretations say the man wants the herbalist to make a family run mad, and leave a house (I guess the family’s house) for him.

See some possible interpretations below

I know that as Africans, we are used to hearing about juju or jazz, but do they really work?

How common is this practice, especially aming Nigerians in diaspora?

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Black magic does work, this world is ruled by forces which the eyes cannot see. Black magic has being employed by man for many generations all over the world. It is used for sinister and self benefits also. However, it is known to be used mainly for evil deeds, even when it is being used for self benefits a lot of evil things are asked of the user.

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Yes, there is always a black magic even in the Bible, . In our present life, black magic has been modernized itself by people doing it to Yahoo Yahoo.
So, black magic duly exist, but we have to shun it and warns our youth do disengaged themselves from it.

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