Doctors Sew Baby's Face Back Together After Slashing Her During C-Section

A new born baby girl now has 13 stitches on her face after doctors accidentally slashed her face during an emergency caesarean section in Denver, Colorado.

Although they are devastated, the parents of the new born are yet reveal if they will be pursuing a law suit or not, but if you were the parent to the child, what would be your reaction to this?


Na to sue all of them including their unborn children remain. This is sheer negligence and they should pay for that. Imagine not umusing of to 2secounds in this world and someone already slashed at your face.

I believe it will be understandable if the parents choose to sue the hospital in question, but the doctors also gave a reasonable excuse by saying that her face was close to the placenta wall. But, whether or not the parents of the girl will sue the hospital is still unknown.