Do Churches Play Important Roles in Tendering Solutions to Social Issues?

What are your thoughts on the church tendering solutions to social issues like unemployment, poverty and poor education in Nigeria?

I think that the church and even mosques has always been involved in offering solutions to social issues in this country.
Churches go after the poor and helpless, they offer numerous donations to IDP camps, villages and basically every other needy person around them. This might not lower the poverty rate in the country, but it is work in progress.

Employment opportunities have also soared in religious institutions, especially in really large ones with schools. These schools offer good education and provide scholarships to the less privileged as well as creates employment opportunities for young Nigerians. And other solutions they provide amongst many others.

So, the Men’s League Leader of the Christ Church, Dr. Nelson Uwaga asking churches to tender solutions to social problems seems unnecessary as churches have always been involved in the countries social issues.

What is your reaction to this?