Discrepancies Found in Amputee Ladies Story, Lagos State Government Withholds N25million Promised to Her

Remember the amputee lady hawker whose pathetic story came to the attention of Nigerians and several media platform. Well, some discrepancies have been found in her original story.

Her original story entails that she lost both parents and her leg to an accident and had to live with her grandmother in Kogi State until she came to Lagos to hawk sachet water in traffic.

New reports reaching the general public shows a different narrative on how her father is still alive and her had lost her leg since birth.

Most Nigerians in reaction to the new discovery said that they didn’t mind that she had lied about somethings and that they helped because she was an amputee hawker and since that didn’t change, she still had their support.

However, there are also reports that the Lagos state Government will hold on to the 25million Naira that was promised to her.

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