Despite being in the middle of a recession University of Abuja increases school fees

I’m not sure if the government thinks people now pluck money from trees that every commodity including education now as a new and an expensive price tag.

Well, after depriving university students education for several months and schools have finally reopened, the University of Abuja has decided to take things on the high side and increase students tuition.

If it were up to me, I’ll say ‘‘wrong timing’’ because this is definitely the most inconvenient time to increase the students fees after putting their educations and lives on hold for several months coupled with the fact that we are battling a recession.

Well, the students are not having it. They have taken to the streets of Abuja to protest against this and I don’t think they can be blamed. One can only hope that they are listened to and a favorable end is put to this.

What are your thoughts on this?

This is not acceptable at all. Despite the hardships and recession in our country , Government has the gut to increased school fees. For me, it is wrong timing. Let them remember that the same students will also pay their house rents which they didn’t use because of the pandemic.
They should engaged with the pleading of the house rents with landlords. They should rethink because increasement of the school fees is not helping matters at all.