Demolition of Nigerian High Commission in Ghana

Last week, it was widely reported that armed men with bulldozer(s) stormed the the Nigerian High Commission building in Accra, Ghana and destroyed it. The building was under construction and was supposed to be for staff and visiting diplomats to the commission.

The Ghanaian government doesn’t seem to know who these people were or why they did what they did. They have opened up investigation into the matter.

Our Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister has this to say


So the questions are:

  1. Who and what could have been responsible for this act of aggression against Nigeria?

  2. Is is possible that those responsible could have acted without the support, direct or indirect, of the Ghanaian government?

  3. Is the response by the Nigerian govt enough? Shouldn’t they do more, especially given that this is not the first time Ghanaian has threatened/intimidated Nigeria (Nigerians).

  4. How confident are you that the investigation started by the Ghanaian govt will reveal the truth, and should Nigeria wait for the results before taking next steps (whatever that may be)?

  5. Do we think this intimidation will end anytime soon?

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