Deeper Life School Officials To Be Arraigned Over Sexual Abuse Charge

Remember Don Davies the 11 year old boy that was said to have been starved and sexually molested by senior students in a Deeper Life High School In Akwa Ibom.

Well, it looks like justice might prevail in this case as the Police are set to arrest the school officials who were found wanted after they have been thoroughly investigated and even detained during the course of the investigation.

The School Principal was also said to have been suspended and the Victimized family is requesting for a total sum of N100 million to be paid for the medical expenses and other expenses incurrent for Don Davies treatment within the next 21 days and failure to pay within that time will warrant the payment of N1.5billion in damages.

Well, I think that this case is going well and the police are really trying to make justice prevail.

Do you think that the Deeper Life Ministry will give in to the compensatory demands of the family?