Daniel Pondei Vs House Of Representatives Committee

The Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Daniel Pomdei who has been under investigation following a series of misappropriated funds, fainted on his desk during his public hearing with the house of representative committee.

Although, several people rushed to his aid, it is quite obvious that this is just a scheme to get away with his investigation with the committee.
Also, this is not the first time a politician has employed this technique to avoid serious interrogation.

Politicians like Dino Melaye and Ayo Fayose are the Godfathers of this act as they have mastered it to a perfection. But it seems like other politicians and appointees are also beginning to adopt this act.

This is becoming a norm these days that whenever a Nigerian Politician wants to get away with a hearing or an investigation they feign a seizure or just simply slump to the ground as it would divert the attention away from the ongoing hearing a place it on their health and being.

This act has been criticized by a lot of Nigerians who now believe that our politicians are actors and drama queens and that an end must be put to this preposterous act or Nigeria will be seen as a joke.

I really can’t begin to ask what must be done to put an end to this, because the agencies that are in charge of investigating issues like this are also knee deep in corruption.

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