Custom Officers Raid Shops In Bodija Market, Carts Away Foreign Rice

This better be a joke. Has it really gotten this serious?

‘‘Customs officers may soon begin raiding kitchens to seize foreign rice’’ were the words of baba loja of Oyo state when he was asked during an interview his views about the recent raid by custom officers in Bodija market located in Ibadan, Oyo state.

I don’t think that this statement is far from the truth because when you really think about it, if custom officers can go after traders shops to cart away foreign rice, not even in the day time, in the middle of the night, very soon they will start entering people’s kitchen to check what kind of rice they cook. And guess what? They didn’t stop at rice, they also took cooking oil and money that were kept in the shops.

I thought custom officers where stationed at borders between Nigeria and other countries, how on earth did they find their way to bodija market in Ibadan? Does their job description extend outside the borders?
What is Nigeria’s deal with foreign rice by the way? And why did this raid take place at night when there is no one in the market to question them? Will any one answer for this?

What is your reaction to this?