Cross Dresser Jay Boogie Confirms Being Gay

Social Media Influencer and Cross Dresser Jay Boogie popularly known for his beautiful and cross dressing styles has come out to the public of being gay.

He made this known through his Instagram page and this confirmed what everyone has suspected all along.

This acknowledgement however comes with its challenges as jay also mentioned in his post. Asides the demon he claims to be fighting, the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not accommodate queers as you can serve a jail time amounting to 14years if caught in the act.

This law has made a lot of Nigerians seek refuge and asylum in other countries like the UK and US which are more accommodating of queers and have laws to protect them.

Notwithstanding this announcement from the cross dresser, a lot of Nigerians have shown their disapproval while others are much more accommodating and respectful with their comments as they sympathize with the cross dresser.

So, as a Nigerian, what are your thoughts on this?

Do you think the law against queers should be abolished in Nigeria? Or should more laws be created to prevent the existence of this act in Nigeria?

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