Covid-19 Vaccine Passport Now Needed to Commute in Italy

The Italian government has now decided to lift most of it’s covid-19 restrictions in the country, asides the curfew which still lasts from 10pm to 5am.

It’s government came up with a pass also called a ‘green passport’. This green passport will enable the citizens who have been vaccinated, travel within the country or go to effected zones. It gives them a free access to where ever they want to go in the country.

There are also reports that the European Union is planning to issue it’s own green passport for international travel. This will help to push more people into getting vaccinated and staying immune to the virus.

What is your reaction to this?

  • Will the adoption of this green passport in any way, help to curb the spread of the virus?
    Well, I believe it will, as those who are yet to be vaccinated (probably infected) won’t have the access to go around to contract the virus or even spread it.

  • What do you think can serve as a possible downside to this new method?