Covid-19: US President Trump Wants The FDA to Approve An Unproven Plant Extract As a Possible Covid-19 Cure

The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump has reportedly propelled the Food and Drug Administration to continue with the extract from an oleander plant as a treatment for the covid-19.

Although, there has been no prove to show if this extract can serve as a treatment to the virus, Trump encouraged its produce and one of his huge supporter, Mike Lindell already invested in the production of this extract.

This is a huge concern to people especially since nobody knows what effect this unproven extract might have on them.

They are also wary of the fact that this is not the first time President Trump has pushed the production and use of an unproven drug as a cure for COVID-19.

Hydroxychloroquine was endorsed by Trump a few months ago as a drug to cure the virus; it didn’t take long for some medical experts to debunk this…

It’s good that Trump is trying to find every means possible to cure the virus, but shouldn’t he wait for the drugs or extract to be proven before he throws his full support? On the same note, how harmful can this be since it is a plant extract? Would there be any harm in trying it out?

I think all those that have taken the extract and were healed (or not) of COVID-19 should please speak up.