Chibok Girls Remembered After Seven Years in Captivity

It’s been seven years since the Chibok girls were abducted and although, 112 of these girls were released, the rest are still in captivity.

If the Government really intensified their efforts in looking for them, I’m sure it won’t take seven years to find them, so is it safe to assume that the Government has given up on the Chibok girls? Hence the need for concerned citizens and the parents of these missing students to keep clamoring for help.

Reports have also shown that some of the parents to the missing girls have died in these past seven years which is quite sad. Imagine not having to lay hold on your child before passing on. And the child never getting the chance to see the parent again after being in captivity for the last seven years.

Yes, It’s been seven years, but to this girls, it’s probably been a hundred years, what is the plan to get them back home to safety, love and family?