Cheers as UK Government sets to Allow Fans into Stadium from October 1

Although, with the restriction to just 1000-2500 fans, the people of the United Kingdom are thrilled to know that starting from the 1st of October, they can now watch live sports.

Since the starting of the pandemic, there has been strict adherence to social distancing which means that not more group gathering activities like going to the stadium, cinemas and parties.

Well, it feels great to know that this restrictions are gradually getting eased as more focus is being put on precautions against the virus.

This is also a huge development for sport fans who have been aching for new games since the pandemic started and at the same time a huge concern as they are still prone to contact the virus even with the necessary precaution put in place.

So, would the need to watch games outweigh the fear and prevention of the virus or would you rather watch from home?

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