Central Bank Bans Cryptocurrency In Nigeria!

We are back in the stone age guys…

I believe that Nigeria is constantly trying to cut off every avenue for youths, tech savvys and other average Nigerians to make something of themselves. Nigeria as you know is one of the most flourishing nation with the highest cypto market in Africa. And yet the Central bank placed an order for local banks to close down accounts linked to crypto exchanges.

My opinion on this decision the CBN is planning to take was birthed out of their inability to gain of control cryptocurrency. It is beyond them and if they can’t benefit from it, Nigerians shouldn’t, hence the need to ban it.

The need to ban this, could have also been birthed from the role it played in the end sars protest. Remember that after the Government blocked the accounts of key participators of the protest, donations were made in bitcoins to help and finance the protest.

Asides this, why else do you think that the Government will want to eliminate the trade of cryptocurrency in Nigeria.