CBN Denies the Printing of N60bn to Augment March Allocation

The Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki has always reminded Nigerians that the country is in big financial trouble, in fact it is now like a chant to this governor.

However, he made some shocking revelations about how the Federal Government had about 50 to 60 million naira printed to argument the revenues received by states from the Federation Account Allocation Committee.

Wow! so that’s what Nigeria is now up to. I’m not surprised. Nigeria has been involved in a lot of borrowings without little or no plan on how to regain the money and return it. So, i believe it is quite believable when Obaseki claimed that this country is in a huge financial trouble,
especially now that we have to print our money before paying others off.

Well, as expected, the Central Bank of Nigeria, in response to Obaseki’s revelation claimed that they had no knowledge of the currency printing, Such a classic move right?

Anyways, how do you think Nigeria can rise from this financial doom?
Printing currencies to meet up with state revenues, how do you think this will affect the country?

Turns out that this isn’t the first time the Central Bank is printing money to argument state allocations.
The Governor of CBN, Godwin Emefiele confirmed this in a video where he stated that it isn’t new for them to print money for such cases and people shouldn’t give any coloration to this as they are not printing the money to distribute on the streets.

What do you have to say about this?