Campaign Against Open Defecation in Jigawa


This might seem irrelevant but trust me, it is an issue that should be taken seriously. In fact. UNICEF has stepped into putting an end to this act by creating an open defecation free programme to create awareness and put an end to this.

Open Defecation is an issue in Nigeria. Although, it is an act that is mostly carried out in rural areas, both children and adults are involved in this and public toilets have done very little in curbing this act.

Take for example, Yaba and Ikeja, as you walk by the coverts along the roads, you might have at least see one person openly relieving his bowels or bladder in the stagnant water in the gutter. This act not only pollutes the environment it is a dirty act that should only be found in animals.

How then can we ensure that this act is abolished this Nigeria?

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Yes Mr Abanikanda it a thing of shame why will you defacate at the public place I can call it the act of an animal bro because when someone defacate he or she will polute the air which leads to air pollution which is danger to people health it is the work of sanitary inspector in each local government to forsee good environmental solution to each community in each local government so as to put and end to such act that is my own oppinion on the issue

We should try to educate ourselves especially those living in rural areas, the harm or damage that could results through open defecation. Our government should also helped by providing basic amenities like building of standard toilet to areas where there is none, and also by providing or building bore holed.

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