Buhari's Reaction To The Slain 43 Farmers in Borno

It is no news that about 43 farmers along with 70 residents were killed by terrorists in Borno State yesterday.

The 43 farmers who lost their lives to this attack were beheaded right on their farms as they were in the business of cultivating crops for the survival of their household and community, but their lives were cut short by suspected Islamist Terrorists as they have been a major source of terror to the Northerners.

A lot of reactions have surfaced since the airing of this attack. The UN sees this as an inhuman act but Buhari’s Aide, Garba Shehu said that the slain farmers were not licensed to farm.

From the whole situation that is on ground, what Shehu could take home was that these farmers didn’t have military clearance to be on rice farms.

So, does this mean that they were right to have been killed because they farmed without having a military license or what? Or how exactly do you understand this statement?

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