Buhari's Government Has No Pity For The Poor?

With everything going on in Nigeria at the moment, one cannot dismiss this statement or even give it a second thought . The declaration is as true as it comes ‘‘Buhari’s Government has no pity for the Poor’’.

I believe that it is more than ok to assume and believe this. After series of promises that his administration will plunge Nigeria out of poverty and make provisions for jobs and better education. Everything actually fell apart, and maybe it is not just the fault of his entire administration, they had a huge part to play in it.

Tomato paste is twice its price, almost 3 times its price in some areas amongst almost every other commodities. Losing your job this days is almost as easy as losing your pen cap. Not to talk of transportation fee which has been hiked due to the increase in fuel price that this present government unapologetically hiked during the course of a recession.

In short, a recession has engulfed Nigeria and even the new digital way of making money that also served as a chance for young people to make something of themselves has been stripped off as cryptocurrency has now been banned in Nigeria.
This is a rat race and there is no place for the the poor in it.

So, what do you think about this? Does this current administration really have no pity for the poor?