#BuhariMustGo Aggressively Trending on Twitter, Why must Buhari Go?


In your opinion, why must Buhari go?

What kind of president is he? A competent one?

Did the Nigerian Economy get better or worse during his administration?

Where there improvements in healthcare, transportation, security etc.

I believe that the country got worse during his administration. The insecurity in Nigeria at the moment is way above the roof. Kidnappings here and there, bandits and Fulani herdsmen going after farmers, internet fraudsters are also still active at their business.

Nigeria is also deeply in debt. More debt than it had before this current administration. And not to mention the massacre that occurred at the Lekki Toll Gate, the ban of cryptocurrency using Nigerian banks as well as the ban on Gokada and so on.

What is your reaction to this?

Do you think that Buhari is a competent leader? If so, kindly share your reasons in the comment section below.