Buhari Tells Youths "If They Want Jobs, They Should Behave Themselves" in Interview With Arise TV

Listening to the President’s interview with Arise Tv this morning, I’m sure that one cannot help but be disappointed with Buhari and the unrelated answers to the questions presented to him.

Amongst the other things he said, one stood out - the endsars protest. During the course of the interview, Buhari was asked about what he could do to make Nigeria a tourist attraction like Ghana.

In response to this question, Buhari diverted to the endsars protest and justified the protest as an attempt to remove him from office. Of course, the entire country and those who fought and even lost their lives in the protest know that they fought for a trigger-happy and bloodthirsty section of the armed forces to be scrapped, but our president seems to be the only one unaware of this.

Imagine a leader giving you a condition before he lets you access what is your constitutional right.

Buhari who is also found of picking at Nigerian youths by calling them “lazy” didn’t fail to pick at them once again when he told them to behave themselves if they want jobs.

The president also delegated the fight against herdsmen to the state government as he addressed the Governors to find a lasting solution to the problem instead of complaining about it.

What are your thoughts on Buhari’s responses to the questions directed at him during the course of the interview? Do you find these answers helpful or do they seem as a sensible solution to the issues addressed?

Does it even seem like he is ready to help with the major issues Nigeria is facing at the moment?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.