Buhari Indefinitely Bans Twitter in Nigeria!

This was very much expected after twitter deleted Buhari’s post which clashed with it’s guidelines.

I believe that it is agreeable that Buhari’s post on what will be done to those who are against his administration is geocidal and should be taken down. But as expected, Buhari, Lai Mohammed, Aminu Garba and other supporters have taken offence in this and are reviewing twitter’s interest in the country.

The minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has then announced the indefinite suspension of twitter in Nigeria’s Internet Airspace.

Remember that former president Donald Trump’s tweets were also deleted and his account was even completely suspended but he had no right to ban the people choices on what social media they use.

This of course seems like a very petty reason to ban the social media application in the country and it only means that the Buhari administration cannot be reasoned with.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you also agree with the ban on Twitter? Do you think that the Buhari administration is a sensible one?

Do the Government really have the autonomy to ban a social media app in a country?